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September 20th, 2015
Members of the No Ad Tax Coalition praised the introduction of resolutions in both the House and Senate that oppose the imposition of any new taxes on advertising services as Illinois looks for additional revenue to solve the state’s budget woes. The No Ad Tax Coalition is comprised of a diverse group of independent business owners, large and small, representing the backbone of Illinois’ economy.Read More

The text of House Resolution 889 and Senate Resolution 1751 are clear, “a tax on advertising goes against the pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-growth policies that should be under careful consideration as Illinois seeks to regain sound financial footing.” Representative Dave McSweeney, R-Barrington, chief sponsor of the resolution said, “We have too many taxes as it is in Illinois, we certainly don’t need another one targeted at advertising.”

“We should be focused on promoting and building our small businesses in Illinois, not putting more taxes onto them,” said state Rep. and Assistant Majority Leader, John Bradley, D-Marion. “I was proud to introduce a resolution opposing a tax on advertising in the Illinois House of Representatives, in an effort to help stop a harmful concept from becoming a reality. Small businesses rely on advertising to sell their products and services, and imposing a tax on advertising not only hurts those businesses, but also leads to higher costs passed onto consumers."

July 29, 2015
" Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan are willing to consider Rauner's plan, their representatives say. "

July 25, 2015
" The advertising federation points to studies showing that the ad tax caused a loss of jobs and revenue "

July 12, 2015
" Rauner was swept into office last November by promising a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that we supported, but this proposal is counter-intuitive and flies in the face of the pro-business policies the governor told voters he would pursue. "

July 5, 2015
" A government-induced slowdown in advertising, which the proposed tax would almost certainly cause, would ripple through the state’s economy to the detriment of all. "

June 30, 2015
" ...the advertising industry helps generate $267 billion (17.3 percent) of Illinois’ economic activity and helps produce more than 900,000 jobs. "

June 30, 2015
" The costs incurred by the state of Florida to administer the new advertising tax exceeded tax revenue! In other words, it cost more money to collect the tax than the tax generated! Only the most committed big-government bureaucrat would think that was a good idea. "

June 26, 2013
" Why is [Gov. Rauner] considering a tax that goes against the promises he made to the people of Illinois? A tax on advertising is counterintuitive and flies in the face of the pro-business policies currently being proposed. "

June 18th, 2015
" Less advertising would result in less business and less profitability, not to mention the need for smaller businesses to increase the cost of their wares to stay competitive. "

June 18, 2015
" Simply put, a tax on advertising would cost jobs... "

Augusts 18, 2015
" Business taxing business is never a good idea and the fact that small business already struggle in the current economic climate to make things work, this would be just an additional burden. "